Deanery Papers


he four papers in one pdf file provide notes for Deans and Presenters on the new translation of the Roman Missal following the four-part catechesis that is recommended for use in parishes, based on the parts of the Mass::

1. Introductory Rites

2. Liturgy of the Word

3. Liturgy of the Eucharist

4. Communion and Concluding Rites

While these papers are primarily for the benefit of the clergy they have also been put together with a view to helping the clergy prepare for the catechesis they will be offering in their parishes.
The main components in each of the papers highlights:

• Significant developments in the 2002 General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM)
• Notable changes in the translation of the Roman Missal.

The texts of the four papers are interspersed with questions for personal reflection and/or for discussion within the deanery meetings.

Each paper contains one or more texts in the new translation from the relevant parts of the Mass. It is suggested that the texts, which are highlighted in the papers, are proclaimed aloud by one person (if they are presidential texts) or recited aloud by all present (if they are texts belonging to the whole assembly) so that all present have an opportunity to experience the sound and feel of the revised texts in a manner similar to the way in which they will be used in
the liturgy.


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